Kantar IT Partnership

We are all about enabling different Kantar companies to collaborate better with one another so that we can offer our clients service excellence and added value.

Transforming IT for industry leading innovation

Kantar IT Partnership has been created in support of Kantar’s strategic objective to allow greater collaboration between businesses and to support data and information sharing and integration for our clients. Our mission is to transform Kantar’s information technology from the classic function and provision of basic IT services to become a strategic partner who empowers the Kantar house of brands to deliver differentiated excellence to our clients. We are doing this by working consultatively with our Kantar business partners, engaging directly with their business requirements and providing innovative products and solutions that enable Kantar to operate seamlessly and competitively within every market we operate.

Supporting the Kantar businesses

We are committed to the success of our Kantar business partners and we are putting in strong links to ensure that we are always aware of their ever changing needs and goals.  Kantar IT Partnership aims at reducing the cost and improving the consistency and capability of Kantar’s IT infrastructure services. We are delivering high quality services and innovative new technologies to make the entire Kantar organisation more efficient and productive. There has been great deal of progress in delivering innovative solution; data centre consolidation is already delivering benefits to companies in North America, new suites of collaboration tools have been made available globally and we have created a single global VoIP telephone network.

Working for us

Kantar IT Partnership is WPP’s largest IT organisation. We employ 360 people across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, who all working towards a common goal of delivering high quality IT services for our business partners. It is important for us that our people are passionate about what they do and proud of the service they provide – our people are our most important asset.

In turn, we provide the right development and career progression opportunities to ensure a rewarding employment experience with us. Our learning and development programs support on-the-job training and we offer competitive rewards and benefits.

From day-to-day to the longer term, we care about the experiences of our people and aim to ensure that we are an organisation where people want to stay and grow with.

Our people

It is a common yet implicitly true that an organisation is only as good as its people. To achieve business success, we need high-performing and highly motivated people who are passionate about what they do.

At Kantar IT Partnership we employ talented, professional people from diverse functional, educational and cultural backgrounds. We believe that each of our colleagues brings a unique set of skills and experience to our business and we actively encourage career progression to motivate and inspire our people.

We have a strong commitment towards learning & development and providing individuals with opportunities for career progression. Through investing in our people, we aim to create a motivated and satisfied workforce, which is instrumental in helping us to achieve our business goals.