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Kantar (part of the WPP group) is one of the world's largest market research and consultancy organisations. We need skilled and passionate people to join us to provide inspiration and advice to the world's leading brands. If you think you could be part of this dynamic team, then please read on.

Kantar is a portfolio of companies and there are exciting career opportunities across all our operating companies and our central functions. We believe that a portfolio of specialised businesses, each of them world-class in its particular sphere of expertise, is preferable to combining them into one single, more homogenous organization, and this is why Kantar is different, better, more exciting. The magic of Kantar happens when these capabilities work together; when they combine their respective experience and tools to bring our clients fresh, provocative, integrated business-building insights.

As well as setting the overall business and strategic direction for its 13 operating companies, the central team is active in the development of Kantar’s talent through individual career management and training programmes and acts on behalf of clients as a portal to the group companies, assembling best-in-class bespoke client teams and managing senior client contact.

Additionally the team provides services to the operating companies in areas such as communications, creative consultancy, procurement and contracts, IT and talent-related issues such as compensation and benefits, recruitment and surveys relating to staff and client satisfaction. 

Kantar is a truly international  company and offers its employees an amazing range of opportunities. You can choose a career path in a big company, a niche company or a specialist focus company... all different but tied together by a common vision and collaborative approach. 

Together, we are Kantar.

What's new?

We recently relaunched our main Kantar website, with the new dynamic UK pilot version aimed very much at the media with the aim of making Kantar, our offers and our companies famous. The strategy is very much "show" rather than "tell" and so it's a long way from old style brochureware. Why not take a look?

Our clients

It's a real privilege and opportunity to work with some of the most famous brands in existence, both at national and at international level. Find out more about the Key Brands we serve across the world.

Who is Kantar?

Kantar is an industry leader in market research. Its strength lies in the fact it is built on the diverse talents of our 13 specialist operating companies, each world class in its particular sphere of expertise. Find out more about our individual Operating Companies.

Joining the team

Kantar relies on recruiting the best talent to deliver a "measure of inspiration" to our clients. We welcome direct applications from both new and experienced candidates and we support existing employees to pursue new opportunities within the Kantar group. In fact, we even encourage it! Check out some of the great opportunities on offer in our Job Search section.